Late at Night

Up and no sign of sleep.. With sore red eyes and tired neck.. Work must be done.. A result must be obtained.. But it's very late.. And I'm so tired.. And there you are.. A fresh cut that won't heal.. A memory slips in the night.. From between the papers.. Flooding the last piece of … Continue reading Late at Night


nothing ever changes within.. the memories, the pains and the following dreams.. all.. just remains.. wandering, screaming.. and the nights are not longer like before.. the days now pass.. like never before.. remaining it was.. as it is.. with nothing changing within.. the words aren't easy like before.. each line is harder than its … Continue reading Remains..

Good Art

Painting on the sidewalk.. Thrown away day by day.. The artist sees.. Nothing but the pains.. It's good art indeed.. Yet one thing with pains.. You'll see good arts.. Paintings and sweet riddles.. Poems and tearful worlds.. Pains make good arts.. Just not so very good lives.. So the sidewalk will keep on filling.. With … Continue reading Good Art

Loner s

Is there a girl.. That has not been touched.. That walked safely inside her shoes.. Not feeling a hand on her.. Is there a girl.. That didn't see someone desiring her body.. Raping her.. with his eyes.. Is there a girl.. That felt comfortable with her body.. And didn't.. fear.. I no longer see.. The … Continue reading Loner s


I see you stealing a look.. and another.. While I walk by.. I'm so shy.. to look back and smile.. So I just walk by.. Pretending I don't even see you.. That I'm just a stranger.. Passing by.. Last night was different.. You stopped in front of me.. Asking for my name.. How lame.. Yet … Continue reading Pause


slowly, you're moving it's a good thing.. to move.. not to be in the same spot for many years.. as it makes you .. lost.. in more than a way.. so it's always better to move.. you'll also be lost.. at start.. where to go.. it's tempting to stay.. still.. but it's a trap.. it … Continue reading Moving..

If You May

give me nights and days that dwell in joy.. and the fragile heart to take it all.. give me the stars from the darkest skies.. to light the wars.. within my eyes.. give me the power to hold the swords.. that will fight away the beasts in me.. give me yet a one more dream.. … Continue reading If You May

we just fear..

we won't start.. fearing to get hurt.. we won't walk along.. nor let anyone know.. we won't share.. out of fear.. out of weakness, we see as power.. but .. we lose ourselves.. at times.. to our deepest feelings.. and spend a day or two.. crying the lost chances we feared to seek.. the good … Continue reading we just fear..


It's good, It makes you forget about your pains That drug you seek, will surely take them away But only for a while, That rush, through your body, through your vein, The Power you get within, It's only for a little time.. Once it fades, you're back to square one.. Where it hurts all over … Continue reading Addiction


The day was unexpected.. I planed for so long.. Reviewed what could happen over and over.. Yet when the day arrived.. It was simple.. Easy.. Like a falling leave in winter.. No one saw it.. No one paid any attention.. As if nothing happened.. As if the leave wasn't there in the first place.. But … Continue reading Unexpected