Spartacus Last Words (2)

Spartacus Last Words (1)   Allah. didn’t forgive the demon’s sin when he said No ! The cute good people.. Are the ones who will inherit the earth at the far end.. Because they.. don’t get hanged.. So teach him to bow, And then there would be no way out As behind every deceased Caesar…


I stood there Drops of water dripping from my chin Mixed with some tears in my left eye Wiped the mirror with my hand Trying to see myself better Trying to erase all wounds and scars.. I dried my face with the small towel And looked up.. But the face I saw was all wet…


Time takes Time.. Time heals .. It really does We just don’t know how much time it takes Time takes Time And we find it really hard to wait


close your eyes and walk lightly with grace, the life is the young girl and you’re the young man.. she sees the agility of your walk, worships you.. but you.. if you look at your feet.. fall Wonder Salah Jahin:Egyptian Poet

Intro of (Crying between the hands of Zarqa al Yamama)_ Donkol

Oh, the cruelty of the wall, when it rises in the face of sunrise we might spend all life.. to dig a hole for light to pass to the generations.. one time.. … … Maybe if it wasn’t for that wall, we wouldn’t have known the value of the freed light !!


we’ve all wished upon death but still , our love of life out power it we live anticipating, waiting, desiring, only for one thing … hope we live hoping that at a time we just might get to live we live on hope .. that we might find hope.


I went to them for dinner, They looked at me for a while, None replied the evening regards, Hands went back fluctuating small spoons Into the soup dish I Looked inside the dish, Screamed.. They didn’t care ! Hands kept fluctuating small spoons, And lips kept licking blood. AMAL DONKOL: Egyptian Poet

Philosophers (Jahin)

the philosopher is thinking, let him be don’t make him a sultan, nor crucify him don’t you know, that philosophers are many what they say.. round and round they falsify. Wonder.. Salah Jahin: Egyptian Poet


blood on my legs.. I looked and couldn’t stand. blood on my hands.. I asked why? when I arrived, blood on my shoulder.. blood even on my head.. I’m all blood.. have I killed? …or been killed? Wonder   SALAH JAHIN:Egyptian Poet


Innocent face, Pure eyes With a laugh like a dancing tone The swing flies up Flies down Up and down it goes.. She sees and loses a heart So she runs and tries to reach To catch.. Innocent face, Pure eyes.. Gone in air Like a wandering soul