It means nothing.. Now that there is no one near you.. Your words.. Your pleads.. Your tears.. They are just nothing.. Nothing.. You're not even here to fight no more.. You handled many things.. Went through a lot.. Dragged yourself back up a hundred time.. Yet it's all in vain.. It's just ..nothing.. Nothing... Compared … Continue reading



The past is near.. Yet the future is unseen.. History repeats.. Yet different dates.. Life changes.. With no scripts ahead.. I saw a thing or two.. Different .. alikes Whenever I be.. It seems that the future is here.. Only a mimic image of yesterday..

مكانش يصح أقول

معلش.. عشان حبيتك انا آسف مكانش يصح أقول انى عشقتك و مقدرتش اخبى و استعبط ولا اجاريهم و اتكبر.. حبك قاتل و هواكى لما مس العقل هوى و يااا لو تشوفى عمايلك فى قلبى انا مقدرش على بعادك و لو مين فيهم باعك منك ارتوى و لو بقطرة ندى تايهه ولا همسه هوا رايحة ولا … Continue reading مكانش يصح أقول

Cold Day

Shiviring hands.. Cold and sweat.. Smiles and hugs and goodbye kisses.. Yet you come across my mind.. And for a second.. my heart flutters.. Pain is less.. Not the same.. Time did make a change.. Days are not like before.. I move on and on.. With a vague memory.. Of a lost love and great … Continue reading Cold Day

Plus One..

hey..I just wanna say I waited for you..not for long..don't know really for how come with ease.. things are all falling to place.or at least they seem toI love to feel love toward my coming time..that my life will shine and glow like never before.. it has been hard to wait for so long.. … Continue reading Plus One..


Since when were you alone..Since when can’t you look at you..It’s awkward to look at yourself .. your eyes,You seem different,Like you don’t know who you areYou only know who you think you were..Since when were you so aloneSine when do you feel like you’re not the one you’re looking at.You’re not drenched in tears.. … Continue reading Duel


..تحطمت أحلامى و طموحاتى بيد الواقع..فالفتاة العادية التى أقسمت ألا أكونها أبدا.. نظرت فجأة و وجدتنى ذاتها..لا أدرى أين ذهبت الأحلام و متى تخلل الواقع المادى لوجدانى..كيف أصبح كل ما أريد هو الرحيل..متى حدث هذا؟..أين ذهب طائر آمالى..متى شردت..كأننى غفوت و صحوت على سراب..كأن ذاتى التى عرفتها يوما.. لم تكن..حين أنظر لعيناى.. لا أرى سوى … Continue reading أمل

Story to Tell..

Some day this would be a story to tell Who ever knows.. The things you saw.. Heard.. And Felt.. The lies that shone so bright.. The truths that used to cut.. That unexpected gift.. And that warm morning kiss.. It could be a story to tell.. One day.. After you live it all.. You might.. … Continue reading Story to Tell..

Tonight.. Or,..!

Tonight..I'll study a lot..I'll finish that project plan, and drink two liters of water..Tonight..I'll start learning a new language,I'll continue my online course..and I'll even buy fresh fruits.Tonight..I'll call my dad, hang out with my sister..and walk for about an hour.Tonight..I'll read those research papers and try to understand something..I'll work on my degree a … Continue reading Tonight.. Or,..!

One Day..

a person wants to see an eye..another wants to hear a voice..another wants to hug someone..and another craves a word from someone..a person wants to see someone smile..another wants to live his life for just that special one..a person wants to be heard..and others.. all they not to die just yet..we all crave..we all … Continue reading One Day..


The beauty of the starts, Where everything sounds innocent.. Where you can see another person in your reflection, The starts.. Where there’s hope for something more.. That a great thing might soon begin.. That you are getting stronger, happier.. You can feel much more than just a start.. A beauty.. a hope.. and an unfulfilled … Continue reading Starts..

Between Us

What's between us.. is Not just a hand hold .. and being together.. is Not our late night talks.. nor meeting on random dates.. is Not thinking about each others every minute.. nor smiling whenever our eyes meet it's something more.. as if our souls were long life friends... as if we have known each … Continue reading Between Us


How many left .. That remembers.. The lost art.. The dried tears and fresh bruises.. The accidents.. The surgeries.. And the hospital ropes... How many left That remembers.. The dances.. The late night wisdoms.. And the good hearts.. How many more is left.. That remembers the empty places they left..